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Downing Depot Museum News

Submitted by Judy Sharp

Good news — it’s Spring! Or is it? The robins are here, though I’ve heard it said that if they show up in February there will be three more snows. I wonder if an inch qualifies, or must it be a blizzard?

Great news came this morning from Jerry Scurlock after he heard by way of several folks, that the Museum’s large directional sign at Hwy A & Bondurant was located and is being stored in a garage to protect it. If it’s in useable shape, we’ll be reinstalling it when the ground is more workable. That was quite an unusual windstorm that adversely affected only a spot here and there through the county. Thanks everyone who was involved in recovering the sign. 

COVID and this winter’s feeling-horrible-and-coughing-your-lungs-out-but-not-getting-better-cold have been affecting many people we know. Jim and I both had the latter but feel like we’re past it now and we hope everyone is on the mend. We’re starting to get back in the groove of working with Museum items again.

Jim and I stopped by Lawson Hill Antiques last week and ran across a 1950s U.S. Navy book of John Ed Luther’s. Though he was from Memphis, his heart was probably opened to Downing at one time or another. It’s titled The BlueJackets’ Manual, Fourteenth Edition. It’s loaded with pictures about being in the Navy—military drills, assembly of small arms, types of ships and aircraft, duties and maintenance, emergency drills and battle stations, seamanship, communications by telephone talker and signaling with flags. We decided to share it with Depot Museum goers in the Veterans Room.


•We welcome Dr. Madison (Maddie) Bell, the new Chiropractor in Downing.

•The new sidewalks still look great along the drive through Downing.

•A good many folks are anxious to hear more about Cherry Grove Antiques opening again in the fall and finding out what surprise(s) they have up their sleeves.

•The new lighted sign at the Downing Christian Church is a bright spot in spiffing up Downing, too.

•You know that Mike and Sue Scott recently purchased the Schuyler County Times from Lorraine and Herb Austin. I’m looking forward to meeting the Scotts soon. Last week Jim and I discovered that Lorraine and Herb, with their daughter, bought Lawson Hill Antiques, north of Kirksville. The Austins have been antique followers from way back and owned a store in Greentop before Sebrees replaced it.

When we experience notable changes in our lives there’s always adjustments to get used to. We wish everyone who’s having life changes, whether workwise, health-wise, or in relationships—may the best of everything reveal itself in your life in the coming year.

For an individual appointment to access the Downing Depot Museum collections, to donate anything, to volunteer your help, or for information about the Museum, call Jerry or Margaret Scurlock, 660-379-2467, Carol or Don Scurlock, 641-929-3915, or Judy Sharp, 660-342-1454. We’ll see you at the Depot in May, if not before.