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It’s For the Birds

The middle of July has passed.  Many of the birds have had their little ones for the season, and enjoying the last part of the summer before beginning the migration process.

My Purple Martins are going strong.  So many babies this summer.  They are still feeding babies in the house, so some have not flown.  I will miss them for sure.  They are wonderful company.  They love to talk to you when you are working in your yard.  The hummingbirds are enjoying this past few weeks with the rainy, cool weather.  

I have been feeding at least 4-6 cups per day.  The front window feeder has been the most popular.  6 hummers usually feeding at once.   

The weekend of July 9-11 we had 5.8 inches of rain.  It was terribly rainy, with lots of low land flooding.  Our lake was almost to the cabins.  Always concerned about the dock, fire pit, and front porches.  My swimming pool over floweth. It was running over literally.  

This is Wednesday and its barely dry enough to mow today.  I have been canning zucchini relish so I’m inside today.  On a bad subject, tomato worms struck my garden last week when I was gone and did a big number on the vines.  

Lightning struck a tree in the front yard on Sunday morning, July 11, and just missed one of our front windows.  Nothing was damaged, however, we had to purchase a new living room TV, the lightning destroyed the HDMI connection.  Believe me, it could have been much worse.  God definitely got our attention.  A very loud and fiery boom.  

It seems every summer, I also struggle with Japanese Beetles.  I have them everywhere.  I have sprayed twice.  Have filled two bags and parts of others.  Honestly, they love my Stone Cherry bushes, and anything with a shade of red leave.  

I have even had some on my Castor Beans.  I think the only bird that eats them is the House Sparrow.  On a brighter note, have you all been feeding lots of sugar water also?  I cant say how many pounds of sugars I have fed.  I am amazed that they are so plentiful.  Hate to see them leave in October.  Lots of entertainment for sure.  

I had an interesting pair of Kingbirds here a couple of days ago, feeding their fledglings.  They sat on a trellis here in the yard for a long while and the mom and pop kept busy.  Fun to watch.  

Enjoy the rest of your July, vacations, swimming parties and fairs.  It will soon be August and school time.  Until next time, good bird watching.  

Hello this time to Gary and Pat Arnold, friends at the Catfish Place Campground and Restaurant.