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Ruby Red Hats of Rutledge

The Ruby Red Hats met at Zimmerman’s on Monday, February 17. The theme was Valentine’s. Everyone was to bring a valentine’s to exchange.

Lena Mae Horning prepared delicious meal. She was given a valentine and a gift box in appreciation. The card was signed by all attending Red Hatters.

The theme besides being valentine was also Destiny Strong in honor of Destiny Riekeberg, a child who is suffering with childhood liver cancer, a rare type. She is the daughter of Dustin and Lacretia.

We went on a magical carnival cruise on the Ship Destiny where Dustin and Lacretia met. We were given leis for the cruise.

Nancy Platz and Debra Heek were the hostesses and decorated the table for Valentine’s and also a prayer card for Destiny.

Valentines were exchanged and happy anniversary was sung to Virginia Hustead, who celebrated 57 years with Kenny. Nancy Platz celebrated 41 years with Larry.

Everyone received gifts from hostesses, Nancy and Debra. Also, a linen towel with rose petals you would receive on your pillow on the cruise.

Door prizes were also given.

Those attending were: Hostesses-Nancy Tague Platz, Debra Tague Heek. Others were Ruth Tague, Marlene Henry, Ruth Ludwick, Neta Philips, Virginia Hustead, Dorothy Hunolt, Celina Erickson, Donna Jones and granddaughter, Teagan Mallett.

Hostesses for March are Dorothy and Celina.