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Living in Breakthrough

by Terry Rush

I cheer you forward. Live sensing the wow, the marvel, the privilege, and the wonder of our absolute nowness. Yes, get a grip on life… and like it!!

Such a trend will always be in Operation Breakthrough because there is such heavy obstacality facing our way. And this opposition it not shy. It wants to run for high office of your world order.

We, therefore, build a unique determination to get to live our days being fully aware and remarkably alive! Notice the wonder…and the awe…and the privilege of so many things coming at you. Be wowed!!

Obstacles? Stresses? Oh, they stand in line to greet us immediately upon waking up. That’s why we must possess determination to stop the Thief from robbing us! We defeat the Loser by our vigilant trust in the Winner; Jesus the Lamb.

From the controlling smothering grave, Jesus broke through. He now offers all of us the same profound hope!! Yes. Indeed. Believe it. Better yet… believe Him!!

Breakthrough…live in its wonder and awe.