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Digital Ads Offered by NEMOnews Media Group

 By Mike Scott, NEMOnews Media Group 

Digital advertising accounts for two-thirds of all advertising spending worldwide. And that percentage grows every year. 

That’s a stark reality for local newspapers that rely on advertising to support our business. Over 2500 newspapers in the United States have closed or merged since 2004, creating “news deserts” all over the country. 

Many daily papers have reduced their print frequency, some to only two days per week, and promoted their online offerings. As once-a-week papers, changing our print schedule is not an option, and we’re already pushing our digital new presence. 

So what can we do to survive? 

Well, there’s the old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” 

NEMOnews Media Group is partnering with an industry-leading digital marketing company to bring local digital advertising to northeast Missouri. We can identify and target a custom audience, reaching your future customers wherever they are on the internet, not just on your website or our websites. Your ad can be served to them whether they are visiting a news, weather, sports, or any number of other websites. 

We can deliver a custom mix of digital and print advertising that can dramatically expand the reach of your advertising dollars, and focus those dollars on people who are most likely to visit your business. 

We’ve already started contacting local businesses about this new service, but if you’d like to see how we can help you, give the Memphis Democrat a call at 660-465-7016. 

And just so we’re crystal clear, nothing is changing with our newspapers. This is simply a new service that we’re excited to offer. 

Help support award-winning local journalism. Call or email us today.