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Living Life Over

10 Years Ago

Less than one week after U.S. Senator Clair McCaskill called for a five-month delay in postal facility closures, the U.S. Postal Service agreed to put any potential closures on hold until May 15 to allow time to implement cost-saving reforms.

Rutledge officials have learned this reprieve will include the small town’s post office , which was among those scheduled for closure. 

An bipartisan amendment to the 21st Century Postal Service Act supported by McCaskill and approved by a senate panel last month would require the Postal Service to present communities with several alternative options to closing a post office such as shortening hours of operation or relocating  post offices. Most importantly, the measure would also require the Postal Service  to consider these options for any post office closing made before the bill becomes law. 


15 Years Ago

A frozen sprinkler head was the culprit behind some tense moments at Scotland County Memorial Hospital on Friday, December 8.

The fire protection device, located near the entrance to the new women’s center at SCMH, apparently had frozen and ultimately released at approximately 2 pm pumping water throughout the vestibule and entrance way to the center and also triggering the facility’s fire alarms. 

At the same time, the odor of what was believed to be natural gas, was reported in the same area, causing maintenance crews at the hospital to notify the Scotland County Fire Department of a possible gas leak and to begin the evacuation of the hospital. 

Emergency workers responded to the scene and assisted the hospital staff in determining the cause of the accident. The odor was believe to have come from the stagnant water that had been in the sprinkler line since the units had initially been charged earlier this year.

Fire and law enforcement officers were on the scene for approximately 15 minutes before the evacuation was canceled and the hospital returned to normal.


25 Years Ago

The Memphis Police Department is on the move following a special open meeting held by the Memphis City Council December 10 at Memphis City Hall.

Paperwork was completed at the meeting contracting the use of the south half of the former Masonic Lodge for use as office space for the MPD according to city represenatives.


35 Years Ago

All available seats and chairs were filled and people lined the walls of the United Methodist Church Sunday afternoon to enjoy the approximate 48 voice Community Choir. The concert, “A Family Christmas Card” was under the direction of Dr. Harlo Donelson, with Ann Luther at the piano. Featured solos and duets included LaNita Partin, Rick Fischer, Rev. Bruce Jefferies, Karen Miller, Rev. Jim Campbell, Becky Campbell, Arlise Johnson, Alisa Forrester, and Lori Fulk. Narration was was by Buel Shaw.


45 Years Ago

On December 8, 1976, at 2 pm group of Scotland County Licensed Practical Nurses met at the Scotland County Memorial Hospital to organize a sub-chapter. A business meeting followed.


55 Years Ago

Private Leland A. Hyde, 19, son of Mrs. Nellie B. Hyde, Route 2, Memphis, MO, completed 8 weeks of advanced artillery training on December 8 at the Army Artillery and Missile School, Ft. Still, OK.

He was trained as a cannoneer in field artillery.


75 Years Ago

Members of the Eagle Lodge are planning to to make people happy this Christmas.

The lodge will have a Christmas parcel for very shut-in person in the country and for all children under age of 12.


80 Years Ago

Acting in accordance with orders from the State Board of Health and in cooperation with the National Defense board, the Memphis Municipal light and water plant and the municipal lake and park have been closed to the public and under armed guard.

A number of neighbors gathered at the O.S. Roland home Tuesday, December 2, and prepared a nice pile of wood ready for the stove. Mr. Roldand had been sick the past two weeks but was much improved.


90 Years Ago

Misses Josephine Moore, and Georgianna Kirkpatrick, students at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, were spending the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Moore and Mr. and Mrs. George Kirkpatrick.

Mrs. Donald McDermott was openng a new candy kitchen in the corner room of the Kinney building.


100 Years Ago

Mrs. Lucy Baker, 88, pioneer resident of Memphis, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W.T. Reddish, Sunday afternoon, December 11. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E.M. Nesbitt.