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Gorin Go Getters Meeting

Submitted by Sandra Swearingen

Gorin Go Getters met on October 10, 2021 at 2:30 pm. The meeting was held at the Gorin Christian church. 

Hugh Baker called the meeting to order. 

9 guests were present in addition to 21 members.

Pledges were read by Mackenna Musgrove and Paxton Musgrove. 

Minutes from the last meeting were read by Hannah Montgomery; Beau Triplett motioned to approve the minutes; Mackenna Musgrove seconded it. The motion passed. 

Treasurer’s report was read by Layla Baker. A balance of $3,333.80 was still needed to pay for chicken and cake for the church dinner for a total of $110.

The installation of officers are as followed: 

President: Carlee Smith

Vice-president: Beau Triplett

Secretary: Maezy Swearingen

Treasurer: Layla Baker. 

Reporter: Makyla Swearingen

Historian: Luke

Council Reps: Hugh Baker

Game, song, and craft leaders: Hannah Montgomery, Dane Blessing, and Charlee Holland

Leaders: Joanie Baker, Deidre Musgrove

Council report: Elect officers, President Lauren T., Vice-president Sadie J., Secretary Zada Ketchum, Treasurer Laney Doster, Reporter Morgan Jackson.

Carlee Smith reported on the 4-H activities. Sunday was 4-H lead church service with a meal following at the Gorin Christian Church. Songs were sung and scriptures were read by GGG 4-H members. Cookies were delivered sponsoring business and 4-H shirts were also worn to school that week.

 New business: 

Hugh Baker is the new council representative

Fall activity at the November meeting is going to be a pumpkin decorating contest.

Hugh Baker made a motion to donate $150.00 to the Gorin Christian Church; Abby Perrilles seconded the motion. The motion passed. 

The November meeting set to meet at the Gorin Christian Church on November 7th at 2 pm. Hannah Montgomery made a motion to pass, and Hugh Baker seconded the motion.