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Living Life Over

50 Years Ago

Five persons were injured in a wreck on December 5th on Route A, 2 1/2 miles south of Gorin, according to State Trooper Don Ancell. The collision occurred when a 1960 Chevrolet Coach driven by David McIntosh, 18, of Kahoka, was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting a parked car, on the west side of the road. Fred Peterson was out the car changing a flat tire. The McIntosh car was traveling south at the time of the accident. 

The services windows of the Memphis Post Office will remain open the Saturday afternoons of December 12 and 19 to assist customers with their Christmas mailings. 

55 Years Ago

Dale Smart and Boyd Croley, County Representative, presented Vic Patton, chairman of the Rural Fire Corporation and Charles Marlow, fire chief, Indian Back Pack Pumps and field tools to be used in the fighting of rural pumps. The equipment was made possible by the last session of the legislature to be donated to various fire departments who are forced to deal with rural fires. Smart is from the Forestry Division of the Conservation Commission of Missouri. 

Officers for the current year were elected by the Memphis Business and Professional Association meeting.  They are Phil Struble, president; Dean DeRosear,  vice-president; Louise Buckley, secretary and treasurer. 

A party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Phillips and Fay Hunolt, Friday night in honor of A-3c Robert Hunolt and A-3c Ronald Saulsberry. 

60 Years Ago

According to a report this week from the Bureau of Census, U.S. Department of Commerce, the population of Memphis has increased 45 since the last census taken in 1950. It now stands at 2106. Other census figures listed for the other towns in the county are as follows: Gorin, 279; Rutledge, 158; Granger, 146; Arbela, 70. The total for the county has been set at 6,484. 

70 Years Ago 

Elmer Kirkpatrick, student of institutional farm training gets an average yield of 102.5 bushels per acre on a 15 acre field, with a goal of 100 bushels per acre set in early spring under supervision of Francis Schallert, instructor.

The oldest partnership in Memphis at the present time and undoubtedly the longest in point of years ever in this town was dissolved the first of this year when J.V. Baumgartner sold his interest in the publication of the Democrat to W. H. Roberts. 

Charles E. Phillips, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Phillips of Memphis, has been operating with the Aircraft Carrier Task Force 77 in Korea and participated in the Incon and Wanson Landings. 

 80 Years Ago

W.C. Ladd, Scotland County’s oldest citizen, who was 101 on Christmas Day, is in better health than he was a few weeks ago, according to his son, Ralph I. Ladd, who visited him a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Shacklett of Gorin, where Mr. Ladd has lived the past few years.

The rain of the past  few days amounted almost one inch, according to the record kept by John W. Alexander. The rain kept up almost continuosly yesterday and this morning. The sun was shining brightly–the first time in over a week the sun has been seen. 

90 Years Ago

A.P. Peterson, pioneer dry goods merchant of Memphis, died at his home at the age of 90 years. He came to Scotland County in 1844 from Kentucky,  and in 1857 began his  business here, staying in business over 60 years. 

W.A. Sunderland, who had been station agent at Humeston, IA for ten years was appointed agent at Memphis and began work here on December 4. 

The Farmers Produce Company building a block east of the square burned to the ground about 3:30 Tuesday morning, December 30. Mrs. W.S. Thomposon, who lived several blocks southeast, smelled pine smoke, woke Dr. Thompson who made an investigation in the neighborhood, discovered the location of the fire and turned in the alarm. 

The Otto Mohr car turned over near the residence of Ed Drake, south of Arbela. Carroll Nickels was the car with him and was thrown through the windshield. 

J.A. Cassingham quit the oil truck business after fifteen years but was to continue his service station a block north of the square. 

100 Years Ago

The bodies of Verne Stone and Lloyd Shelton, who died in the World War in France, arrived here Friday, December 30, and military funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, January 2, in the courthouse yard. Dr. W. S. Petty, post commander, was in charge. Rev. G.L. Eaton sang and delivered the address. 

The George M. Woodruff home, which burned seven miles southwest of Memphis, Monday night, December 27, was said to be the oldest residence in the four counties of Scotland, Clark, Lewis, and Knox. The original house was built in the winter 1836-37, by a man named Mack, who entered the land. W.G. Downing and Judge John McPherson worked on the house. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harvey, who had been attending the switchboard at Arbela, moved to Mrs. Carl Dean’s property. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Fulk took charge of the switchboard. 

Colonel F. M. Piles died at his home in Gorin at 8:30 on Monday morning, December 27. 

The A.P. Patterson store was advertising a close-out sale beginning Saturday January 8.