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It’s For the Birds

Sandra Ebeling


The cooler weather has been delightful and refreshing.  We have received 4 inches of rain since September 7.  There were a lot of cloudy days for a bit.  I think we are all ready for a few days of sun and autumn temps.  

Our family had a great Labor Day weekend here at our family lake, enjoying the new little ones who have joined our family.  I am so enjoying the swarms of hummingbirds at the feeders right now.  This is basically their last month around our feeders.  

Many of the ones we are seeing now are either immature or migrating birds from north of here.  However, they make for lots of fun.  

I have seven feeders around the house and at the cabin.  I cant tell you how much sugar water I have mixed up this summer.  It has been a busy summer in that department.  I have had lots of hummingbirds all season.  

I use May 1 to October 1 as my season.  I had some painting to do this year at the cabin and while I was down there, I had lots of chattering company.  It really seemed like they knew I was there and wanted to keep me company.  

I hope everyone is enjoying the hummingbirds as they will be gone soon.  

Makes me sad to think we won’t see them until next May.  This past week, I have noticed a few Bluebirds in my front yard and of course on the trails, some American Goldfinches, a few Robins, and lots of Buzzards.  

Seems as though, there are more of them than usual.  

I don’t feed the bird in the summer here at the feeder, so I have not had any feeder activity.  I prefer watching the hummingbirds.  It has been said that the Goldfinch does not nest until the thistle blooms, which is not necessarily true. However, the do not nest until July.  

They feed their young on the seeds of the thistle and sunflower which are not present until late summer.  They use fibers from milkweed stalks, salsify seed tops, and other downy, fluffy material.  

They consume a lot of dandelion seeds in the spring, in the late summer and fall, ragweed, evening primrose, and goldenrod.  Their brightness will begin to fade here soon, so enjoy watching your goldfinches and hummingbirds.  

Until next time, good bird watching.