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Scotland County Primary Election Results–Aug. 4

Nearly half of all registered voters in Scotland County cast their ballot in the Tuesday, August 4 primary election.  Overall, 1257 voters out of 2751 registered voters-45.695–made their voices heard.

In the local races:

Brent Rockhold was the top vote-getter in the Associate Commissioner Eastern District race on the Republican ticket.  Rockhold received 237 votes.  Wayne Winn received 230, and Steve Kirkpatrick got 107 votes.

Rockhold will face Democrat Steve Snodgrass in the November general election.

David Wiggins was the lone Republican candidate in the Western District, and. received 449 votes.

In the Sheriff’s race, Bryan Whitney topped Greg Probst 747-391 to secure the Republican nomination.

In the Republican primary for Assessor, Michelle Vangorkom defeated Lisa Grubb 873-249.

Jeffrey Davis (R) received 971 votes for Coroner.

The complete results are shown below:

Scotland County Primary Results 8-4-2020