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County Commission Issues Official Order Requiring Social Distancing, Other COVID-19 Precautions

On March 25th, in a move to reinforce the efforts of the state and federal government directives, the Scotland County Commission issued an official order requiring social distancing and other precautions within Scotland County to minimize COVID-19 virus and assist in protecting citizens of Scotland County.

The move followed on the heels of a similar order issued by Missouri Governor Mike Parsons to take effect Monday, March 23rd and run through Monday, April 6th unless extended by further order of the Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services.

Scotland County Health Department Health Officer, Lynette Vassholz has found that the conditions constitute a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Scotland County Missouri, and create a public health emergency, leading to the county’s issuance of the order.

“The precautions ordered are necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Scotland County, Missouri and are consistent with the authority granted by the County Commissioners in Chapter 192 RSMo,” the order reads. “This order enhances the public health and is aimed to prevent the entrance and contain the spread of the COVID-19, which is infectious, communicable and contagious and dangerous disease into this county.”

The official action mandates that county residents obey the orders to avoid social gatherings (any planned, convening or spontaneous event that would bring together 10 or more people) as well as ordering that every person in Scotland County avoid eating, drinking at restaurants, bars or food courts. The action notes that use of drive-thru, carry out or delivery options is allowed throughout the order.

The county order also prohibits visiting nursing homes, long-term care facilities, retirement homes or assisted living homes unless to provide critical assistance and orders that  schools shall remain closed (does not prohibit schools from providing childcare and food and nutrition services for those children that qualify). Teachers and staff may enter the building as long as the directives set forth related to social distancing are observed.

This order DOES NOT prohibit people from visiting a grocery store, gas station, parks, banks so long as the necessary precautions are being maintained to reduce the transmission of CODVID-19, this includes maintaining at least a minimum distance of 6 feet between ALL individuals that are not an immediate family member.

Offices and workplaces that remain open. Individuals shall practice good hygiene and where feasible to work from home in order to achieve optimal isolation and lower the curve of COVID-19 to reduce people from public contact and to help contain the COVID-19. The sooner COVID-19 will be contained and the sooner this order will expire.

Local health authorities are authorized by not only the State Government but also the County Government to enforce this ORDER by means of civil proceedings.

This order took effect March 25, 2020 and will remain in effect until 12:01 a.m. April 6, 2020, unless extended by further orders of the local health authority and county commission.