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We Are In This Together


I desperately wish to say something which would encourage your heart at the moment. Concerns are exploding due to the massive Corona-virus outbreak. Certainly, I have no ability to detract nor distract from this monumental threat to public health. I would, however, like to cheer you forward if fitting.

Struggle, hardship, and even death awaits every person…ever. This comes as no surprise. The volume of this viral threat seems unique, however, due to its broad and deep reach. May we take responsible action to fight this matter without folding into hopeless hysteria.

Do what you can to let your mind roam upon the multiple things that have gone and are going right in your quarters. Revisit the life of wonder that you have been given by God. And continue to dream of what lies ahead in His supply of wonder and awe.

I simply remind you of this fundamental approach. So many have not had anything nearly as rough as the current threat. Yet, they seemed to bypass joyful and contented living because they rode the rails of worry and consuming fear.

We are in this together… which means that we aren’t alone. Some will suffer from actual physical impairment and even death. The most will survive… and grow from the experience.

For the moment, we find ourselves already being blessed. Our love for friends and relatives has deepened. Our wish for the simplicity of full days of living “regular lives” has increased. Gratitude, which seemed to have escaped us in the past, is now gaining warranted momentum.

We are in this together.

We will suffer with those who suffer and we will celebrate with those who find victory; but we will not waste our time worrying about matters which have not happened as if they already had. We will find comfort in taking responsible precaution. And then we will lift our heads high in certain hope.

Regardless of experience and outcome… we will remember that death awaits and yet that death even loses… because Jesus beat the grave.

We… are in this together. And… together we will win. Thank you, Jesus! Good work!