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Living Life Over


New bleachers for the Scotland County gymnasium were approved by the school board for $58,700.


Fiber optics is rapidly changing the world, and soon students at Scotland County R1 will be able to take courses through a fiber-optics education network. The interconnected computer network would allow students at any of the network schools to interact with teachers and students at other schools. Through the program, students at SCR-1 would be able to take courses not taught here.



Residents of southwest Memphis were somewhat alarmed last Wednesday night when flames from the Ferrellgas propane storage area could be seen for miles. However it was not a dangerous situation. The liquid propane had been pumped out of an 18,000 gallon storage tank and the company was burning off the remaining vapor pressure in preparation for a move to a new location in Kansas City.



Miss Louise Daniels has accepted a position as beauty operator with the DeRosear House of Beauty in Memphis. Miss Daniels is a recent graduate of the Kirksville College of Cosmetology. During the graduation activities, Miss Daniels placed second style winner in the “Evening Styles” Contest, sponsored by the college. She chose Miss Betsy Harris as her model for the contest



John Anciaux bought the Ben Weaver farm south of Millport last Wednesday for $117.50 per acre.


Mrs. Wittiecer and family have taken over the switchboard at Rutledge.


Ann Price, Gorin’s colored lady, died Friday, Jan. 2 and her funeral was conducted from the Baptist Church by Rev. O F. D. Wilson of Wyaconda, and her remains were laid to rest in the Gorin cemetery. Perhaps no person in Gorin will be more greatly missed than will be the figure of Ann Price and if there was ever a true Christian woman who lived in Gorin, it was—Ann Price.



There is talk of Memphis having a baseball team next season with Ebey, of last year’s Bonaparte nine, as catcher and captain.

At the residence of Austin Eggleston, near Brock, Wednesday of this week, Henry Rosenberger and Miss Maud Eggleston were united in marriage by Rev. S. W. Jones.


  1. A. Smith has moved his law office from the Scotland County National building to the court house.

Will Foster has bought the cigar and confectionery stand on the west side from Henry Watkins and will continue the business.

Miss Ella Ewing, the Scotland county giantess has returned to Chicago to fill an engagement there.

The opening of the beautiful new Mackley House Hotel last month was attended by about one hundred and fifty friends. Invited guests assembled and participated in the festivities of the occasion.

  1. M. Harkness has changed the name of his hotel from the “Western” to the “Park”.


Kinney & Curry will move their jewelry store this week to the corner room in the new brick block one door east of the post office.

Henry Saling, D. W. Guinn and L. C. Kinney are returning from Washington this week after witnessing the Inauguration Ceremonies.

We notice among the list of graduates at the Keokuk Medical school, the names of John Inman, Pleasant Retreat and Henry Heryford, Greensburg.

Our city council passed an ordinance last Monday night requiring saloon men to file a petition signed by a majority of tax payers of the town and block in which the saloon is kept, before license would be granted.