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Heroes Helping the Heartland Auction Fundraiser

On Saturday March 14, Heroes Helping the Heartland will be hosting their first fundraiser auction at the Memphis VFW at 123 W. Monroe Street to raise money to purchase a service dog for an 11-year-old amputee.

Two big tickets items that will be given away during the fundraiser are a 5-day African safari hunt, and the second being a basketball hoop with a gooseneck pole with other items to auction. Those who donated the trip will be at the benefit to explain the trip in full detail.

Heroes Helping the Heartland is a local organization that was created two months ago on January 8th, 2020 with the purpose of helping people in Memphis and surrounding communities; the organization helps in different areas and needs such as purchasing service animals, personal issues, medical issues including medical bills. According to the organization’s creator, “realistically, we’re friends and family getting together to help people.” The organization is open for anyone to join.

Anyone interested in HHH is encouraged to join, volunteer or donate to help meet their goals. Please call (660) 342-9061 or visit the Heroes Helping the Heartland Facebook page see events and activities in the community or ask questions and offer ideas/suggestions.