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Just Where Is the Hope?


One of my favorite things about the realm of believing in God is the fervency of hope. It is not pretentiousilistic. Neither is it vain. Hope is stabilizing as well as adventurous.

Where is the hope? It’s found in the future and backed by the past. Time after time, believing has reversed obvious course.

Believing in God is not a set of rules. Rather, it is the mystery of the invisible that is active throughout each of our days. Ours is the choice whether to ride its waves or badmouth its potential.


We believe hope is the cake topper, the fire’s warmth, and the happy dance of life. Hope… invisible; yet rock-solid… weaves its way through a believer’s inventory. Hopelessness is loser’s agenda. Hopeful… is winner’s pattern.

Just where is the hope? Its location is embedded within one’s heart simply because Jesus endorsed it with resurrection action; not just a side-of-a-mountain lecture. Because this Master lives today, the hope that He offers us is permanent.

Just where is the hope… really? It’s everywhere we decide to apply it. Regardless of tough report or challenging quandary, hope is the sunrise to the heart.