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Intentional Selection

Terry Rush

The Son of God did not call us to Happy Church where the sunshine is bright, and the sailing is smooth. He did not urge us to “go ahead and sacrifice your Sunday mornings ’cause it can’t hurt and it might just help”. While this is the mantra of much of Christendom, it is far from accurate.

Jesus calls us to an INTENTIONAL SELECTION. He requires us to pick up our crosses and follow him. In today’s time, this call has become more Sunday Schoolish without definition of sober meaning.

Sinners cannot get well, be healed, without the Cross…and the person on it. Certainly, Jesus is the Savior. Yet, he asks us to pick up our crosses and follow him every day. He isn’t presenting a casual if-you-feel-like its scene.

Our call is to the wildest and fiercest struggle known to the heart of man: voluntarily die for others… those who love you… and those who detest you. Once we take this to heart, the necessity to live in good-mood church fades. Simultaneously, a grand new purpose arises. All need this.

Never give up! Never stop! Never quit! Die for one and then die for another…and then do it all over again for another. Ministry isn’t about what works as much as it is about continuing to work when you are shattered; personally rejected.

Intentional Selection is a perpetual calling to always keep in mind our rescuing Savior. His plan is to incorporate us into the thread of dying so that hateful and rebellious ones can have a shot at learning how meaningful their lives would be once they, too, get a glimpse finding purpose in the very center of grind and rejection.