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Buwalea Valentine’s Interview

Paul and Delores Buwalea stopped by the Memphis Democrat to do an interview for their feature in the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Feature. They will have their fifty-ninth wedding anniversary on June 30.

Paul and Delores met in college, Central College in Pella, Iowa, to be specific and were introduced by Delores’ roommate Carolyn, who would later be part of their wedding. The couple’s first date took place in the student union, where they had first met, sharing a Coke, with Paul saying, from what he remembered, he was trying to help Delores study for Latin, with Delores joking she probably couldn’t do that anymore. The couple dated on and off for five years before deciding to tie the knot.

When asked when they decided to get married, Paul and Delores responded “1961”. Delores said she wanted to be a June bride and Paul commented they just made it by the time their wedding date rolled around.

They decided to get married because “we got along, we dated for a while and we were friends,” per Paul’s recollection during the interview. He mentioned that marriage seemed to be the

natural path for their relationship to take. When discussing what held their marriage together Paul and Delores commented that communication and learning to compromise were key components of helping their marriage endure.

The couple’s wedding took place on June 30, 1961 at Ebenezer Reformed Church in Morrison, Illinois where Delores had been teaching and Paul was finishing college. The wedding was mid-sized. Delores’ sister was her maid of honor. Those who stood with the bride and groom included Delores’ brother, Paul’s brother, Delores’ two college roommates, and their friend Skeeter. They spent their honeymoon in New York and visited Niagara Falls while there.

The couple also lived in different areas, starting in Morrison, where they started their family. Paul worked as a teacher for a while before going to work for Ford Motor Company, which required him to travel several days, though he would usually be home on the weekends. Paul, Delores and their children have lived in different areas including Cabool, Missouri, Pella, Iowa and Oskaloosa, Iowa, and Michigan to name a few places.

Regarding advice for people considering marriage Delores offered some words of wisdom, “always talk it over and work together on keeping things going instead of taking the easy way out.” Paul’s advice was “don’t fight, don’t scream and yell at eat other. Definitely never hit.”