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by Terry Rush

I encourage you regarding your faith. Come alive…be alive…because of its strength which is far beyond magic. Faith sees possibility when our human normal vision is unawaringly warped, bent, or distracted. Faith knows…when sight thinks it knows; but doesn’t have a clue.

Faith knows that there is more to life than what we can track with our calculationalistic eyesight. Faith sees what the eye sees…and then into a far deeper dimension. One of man’s problems is that we make faith a quick-fix step in a church doctrinal process when it is, in reality, to be a stability factor in authentic rigorous living.

Faith does possess an incredible skill-set to note the visible struggles; yet not to camp out in that spot. No, it avoids being stuck because it sees right through temptationalistic and visible barricades and on into the invisible wonders which are awaiting… always awaiting.

Be encouraged. Everyone has a burden or two of significant weight. Yet, the realistic factor of faith reverses one’s mental and emotional course. Faith is able to sense the beauty of right now when there are little pester-pockets of concern always looming from the wings.

Look at the Scriptures. Faith is all over the place… doing its job… triumphing over blockades seemingly set in stone.