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Rutledge Renegades News

Rutledge Renegades

Not much news this week. Seems the week started with beautiful weather,  so everyone was out shopping or visiting with family and friends. On Wednesday, we had very foggy weather and then on Friday we had snow and ice so everyone seemed to stay home and keep warm. 

Glen Zimmerman from PA came and visited with his parents, Paul and Lydia and other family and friends. Mary Honigmann came with Glen and visited and helped care for her mother, Leah Zimmerman. 

The Gorin Fire Department is having their soup supper on Saturday, February 1st, starting at 5:00 PM. 

Some of those that braved the weather this week were Bob Rouse, Neta Phillips, Ronnie and Bonnie Young, Bob and Dorothy Hunolt, Dale Tague, Don Tague, Leon and Ann Shaw, Lonnie Tripplett.