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Ministerial Alliance Assists With Food Pantry Repairs

The Scotland county Ministerial Alliance (SCMA) met January 8, at 1 p.m. at the Lutheran Church.  Those present were Mark Appold, Karen Biggs, Josh Black, Dan Hite and Jack Sumption. Visitor was Valerie Brown, R.M. — Senior Life Solutions.

There was no Treasurer’s Report.

The Senior Life Solutions representative spoke to the group relative to the needs of volunteers to interact with the participants in the program itself.  The winter blues are very difficult for senior citizens.  There may be some ways in which the older congregations can help socialize and also with spiritual needs of the seniors.

Food Pantry –  Sumption reported that repairs have been made to the food pantry freezer power system.  The freezer and cooler are no longer turned off outside.  The repairs have been made to keep from having to reset or have monthly service calls. Any donations towards this repairs are greatly appreciated.

The February meeting is customarily held in the evening so that pastors and representatives who hold other jobs can attend.  Dan and Jack are to get together to identify the needs.  The February meeting will be the 17th at 6 p.m. with supper provided.