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Reread the Script

Terry Rush

Reread the Script

The Bible is many things to many people. Inspiring or confusing or hope-giving or plans-interrupted, the Word of God certainly has its challenges for us. It just won’t work to try to do church life without persistent rereading of the Bible.

Therein is one’s enthusiastic hope. Just as the tide rolls ever so gracefully upon the shore, the Bible consistently delivers steadily sensitive hope to our hearts. It doesn’t bash us nor crash us. Rather it offers a steady beckoning of personal inclusiveness within the framework of our lively and reaching God.

If you possess a rather timid approach to Word absorption, might you evaluate your bottom-line faith? Might repetitive habit possibly have supplanted the hunger and thirst drive? It can happen.

This might be a good day to begin the blessed process of rereading the script. Maybe your heart has been waiting on — not others in the church — but you. Yes, when you reread the script you are likely to re-meet the new you!!

The Word of God was delivered to give us incredible hope far beyond our best collective imaginations!