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It’s for the Birds

Ok. I’m off to the same sentence.. January, 2020 is half over. I have not had as many birds at my feeder this year due to the mild weather with no snow cover.  Hey, I miss the birds, but I’m happy about the weather.

I have had several Robins here, and I see them everywhere and enjoy hearing from them. I have spotted several Bluebirds. Of course, I have woodpeckers visit me daily.

On the trails I hear and see a lot of Chickadees. I love their raspy little chatter. Many times they are one of the most regular feeder visitors. They like seeds and fruit in the winter. The same for Robins, fruit and berries in winter. 

If you have a supply of meal worms, several species are in love with them and enjoy them in the winter. Nuthatches like seeds and nuts etc., and are fun to watch. Tufted Titmouse are also good feeder visitors, seeds and fruits again, along with peanut butter and peanuts. 

I save my hamburger and beef grease, skim the hardened fat off the top and keep cold, it works great mixed with sunflower or smaller seeds for suet.  I the woodpeckers prefer it over the suet cakes. It’s gone almost immediately.  If you can put it in a container mixed with seeds etc. you can freeze it to form and serve it. You will be surprised at how fast it goes.

Before you know it, it will be time to get those bluebird houses cleaned out and ready for summer. March is a busy month for the birders. Those purple Martins will be sending scouts and Bluebirds will be checking out the houses. May 1 the Hummingbirds will return.  Last year, I think I actually had a scout or first one on April 29. 

Until then, I am watching the Hairy and Red-bellied woodpeckers and enjoying my snowbirds who I have on occasion. With no snow cover, I have limited birds, but like I said, this nice weather is not to complain about.  Kayla and I have enjoyed taking our weekly walks since November. Unusual for a winter time.  Until next time, good birdwatching.