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Foundation for Hospital Art Makes Donations to SCH, Clinics

Scotland County Hospital and Clinics has been the recipient of artwork from the Foundation for Hospital Art. According to the Foundation’s website, their mission is: to give comfort and love to those in hospitals by painting the traditional sterile, blank walls into walls of color and interest.

Scotland County Hospital and Clinics is the recipient of approximately 12 pieces of art so far and some of the companies that have painted these projects are Cigna, McKesson, Disney, Capital One & PMC. When companies, hospitals and organizations host a PaintFest, it is a time for the participants to forget about stress and worries, to relax, to build colleague teamwork, and make a meaningful contribution to hospitals around the world. When held in a hospital, it is a fun way to comfort patients, families and hospital staff. No artistic ability is needed. The process is much like a “paint by numbers” painting experience. Many of the pieces of art at Scotland County Hospital are quite sizable, measuring around 6 feet wide by 3 feet high.

Since 1984, The Foundation for Hospital Art has been dedicated to softening the hospital environment with colorful paintings, wall murals and ceiling tiles. The Foundation has donated over 48,000 paintings to over 6,000 hospitals and nursing homes in 195 countries. The artwork is painted by volunteers. These volunteers come from Fortune 500 companies, like Disney, to hospital patients and staff in facilities all over the world, during an activity called a PaintFest.

Researchers have determined that colors have different effects on emotions and can therefore be therapeutic. Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) can help improve a depressed mood and stimulate metabolism. Cool colors (green, purple, blue) promote calmness and relaxation. A blue, calm ocean scene may be helpful for someone who needs to rest and heal. A bright meadow full of yellow flowers could be stimulating for someone who is depressed or someone whose immune system is lows.

For many hospital and clinic patients, the healthcare experience brings pain and anxiety. Patients are often in the most vulnerable and compromised situations of their lives. Unfamiliar surroundings, various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and the sights and sounds of medical procedures exacerbate pain and anxiety.

Additionally, in an effort to make the walls of the hospital and clinics more comforting to patients in an affordable manner, elementary students from Scotland County have donated their artwork. Patients will find many of these original and unique pieces on the walls of the waiting room at Memphis Medical Services. The clinic walls at Lancaster & Wyaconda Medical Services are being decked with pieces from the Foundation for Hospital Art as well. Those pieces have been ordered and will be hung this winter. Patients, staff and visitors are sure to enjoy the large colorful pieces in those clinics.

All of these efforts, along with new flooring, a fresh coat of paint and new furniture in the waiting room at Memphis Medical Services, will provide a better experience for each patient that chooses Scotland County Hospital & Clinics for their healthcare. The price tag for the artwork is zero, the benefit to patients and staff is priceless.

Four pieces of donated art from the Foundation for Hospital Art that now deck the walls of Scotland County Hospital and Memphis Medical Services. The Foundation for Hospital Art ( is dedicated to involving patients and volunteers worldwide to create colorful, soothing artwork donated to hospitals to soften the often stressful hospital experience.