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Biennial Canvass of Registered Voters Underway in Scotland Count

Scotland County residents will soon begin receiving blue voter registration cars in the mail as part of efforts by the  Scotland County Clerk’s office to insure accurate voter rolls.

The county canvass is performed every other year by the clerk’s office, with a voter notification card mailed to each registered voter. This year’s cards are blue in color.

If the voter receives their card in the mail and the information is correct, no action is required on their part.

“The card is non-forwardable by the post office, so if the addressee no longer resides at the address, the card is returned to our office,” said County Clerk Batina Dodge.

When the cards come back to the clerk’s office, a residence confirmation notice (RCN) is prepared. Unlike the initial voter notification card, the second mailing is forwardable, and can then be sent on to the voter to be returned with their new mailing information.

“If the RCN is completed and returned, the voter’s information is updated accordingly,” said Dodge. “If the RCN is not returned, then the voter becomes inactive.”

Dodge noted that once a voter has been inactive, not voting in elections, signing petitions, or completing address updates, through two federal election cycles, the voter is purged from the county election rolls.

Address updates may be completed at the county clerk’s office, by mail or online at the secretary of state’s office, using any touch screen device.

Anyone not receiving a voter registration card in the next week to 10 days is asked to contact the clerk’s office at 465-7027.

“Please contact my office if you have any questions and let us know how we can help you,” said Dodge.