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Corn Farmers Suing Syngenta Over GMO Seeds, Mass Action Lawsuit Rep in Northeast Missouri This Week

Lawyer Elizabeth Lally will be in Northeast Missouri this week to discuss the mass action lawsuit against Syngenta with local farmers and anyone interested in learning more about the lawsuit against the seed producer. According to organizers, a large group of lawyers from an assortment of law firms are representing hundreds of growers from throughout the Midwest. According to information released by, In 2009 Syngenta released a new strain of corn seed into the United States market before receiving import approval from China. Without import approval, China rejected U.S. corn shipments in 2013 and 2014, causing a global collapse in corn prices. Any corn grower, regardless of whether or not they planted Viptera or other Syngenta seed were effected in the global dip in corn prices. “The reason to come to a meeting is you have a real lawyer there to ask questions to, tell the difference between a class action and a mass action, and a contract there to hire for representation on contingency. It’s a contingency case. They will never get a bill from us. There are certain documents we will need from them to file a case on their behalf. A lot of people have questions about the litigation and I go through that as well. We have been doing this for over a year. We have 12 cases getting set to go to trial. They are known as the bellwether cases. You try to get a cross section of jury verdicts so you can sit down and negotiate a settlement. We do have a special mediator appointed in the cases so far. It’s moving along at a good pace. Some people waited for a year to see how it moved along. If you’re going to sign up now is the time to do it. It’s progressing,” said Lally. Lally will be making stops in Kahoka, Edina, Canton, Clarence, Memphis and more. Those wishing to learn more are encouraged to attend one of her presentations. Her schedule is below.