No one is exempt. Each individual has a God-given, God-provided source to understand the ailment that burdens others. That supply? Our own struggles.

The conqueror is of little help to the conquered. Those previously conquered are the ones who truly “get us”. Those previously defeated, deflated, or depressed are the ideal help for those experiencing defeat, deflation, or depression.

Others more removed may have a bit of advice that is useful. Yet, usually the strongest and most useful criteria basically comes from those who have previously agonized over similar situations. Doctors are good doctors, not just due to their education; but, because they have been ill. Such has been their motivation for their profession.

It seems that those of similar experience in struggles have an understanding that seems divine. It is called sympathy. This is the front door to our welcoming Jesus into our dark and frustrating living quarters.

He. Gets. Us.

He lived our burdens ahead of time so that he could sense the deep heartbreak of rejection; of being totally misunderstood.

Your thrust of effective help for others is not mainly your success standing on its own. No, it is your painful trek of personally encountering, enduring, and surviving those rough and difficult times. This…is your success zone which carries positive impact for the next sufferer in line.