Don’t you get it? Faith in God isn’t about religious stuff. It’s about authentic living; I mean real living! We each have our specifics as to why we should like every day. I’ll give you one of mine just in case it would give you a boost.

I like today because I like new. I don’t mean merely that it’s a new day, which in itself, is quite positive. But by new, I mean the unfoldment of wonder provided by God toward us that hasn’t yet existed to this point.

I ask you, “Just when was it that new inventions ceased?” Oh…like in NEVER? There have been so many for so long that we can’t keep up with such massive awe available to us daily!

An element that keeps me charged is that while needs arise, new ideas, elements, inventions, and patterns are perpetual. If a solution hasn’t yet been discovered, do not accept the current condition as the final answer. I don’t just want to know what help out there is available already. I want to watch for the new solutions of tomorrow and next year which no one knows about (is even thinking about) today.

This awareness changes our world…right where we live… right now. From medicines to travel to home design to surgery technique… on and on the “development” of new and improved are perpetual. We should find this to be of top-notch excitement.

Each of us has our burdens of which many are heavy. Yet, the hope-factor is enormous, incredible, and powerful. My favorite thing about it is that it’s real. No one finds pretentious talk valuable; but all find potential hope… hopeful.

That’s my story today… and I’m stickin’ with it.