The 2019 Woods family reunion was held Sunday, June 23rd at the Rutledge Community Center. Sixty persons were registered and hailed from Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri.  Randy and Charles Woods hosted the reunion.  Fried chicken, potatoes and gravy, and a vegetable were catered.  Attendees brought desserts and other delicious food stuff to complete a delicious meal.

Two new additions to the family are Owen James Smith (Emily and Bruce) and Colton Woods (Stacey and Nicole).  The young-ens kept the older ones entertained with their romping and playing.  Lucille Woods Cossel asked the blessing prior to eating.

Attending were Nancy and Joe Plowman, Darla and Leon Steenblock, Des Moines; Jessica Johnson, Prairie City, IA; Tuffy Woods, Bloomfield, IA; Hollis Woods, Keokuk, IA; Lucille Cossel and Dianna Rempp, Reasnor, IA.  From Illinois were: Golda Seybold, Vicki Shear, Don McClean, Alicia, Will, and Adrienne Gore, all from Quincy; Ray and Gaylene Woods-White, Shelbyville, IL.

Those attending from Missouri were Johnnie Morrison, Alexandria; Jim, Kim, Emily Woods, Arbela; Bruce Smith, Anthony, and Owen James Smith, Arbela; Lowell and Darlene Woods, Baring; Melvin Lee, Sarah, Jaxon, and Avery Rimer, and Dean Woods, Edina; Bonnie Schultz, Ariel, Brooke, Lynn, Isabel Johnson; Andrew, Lane, and Courtney Woods, Skidmore; and Dick Webber, St. Louis; Dale, Christine, Richard, and Samantha Heaton, Unionville; Chas. Woods, Janette Graham; Randy Woods, Karen Shippen; Kevin, Debbie Woods, Ivan and Virginia Woods; Stacey, Nichole, and Colton Woods, Robert Garrett, Judy Bradley; Buzz, Faith Ann, Merit, and Halle Miller, all from Memphis.