Many thoughts come to mind as I sit here looking at outside plants sprouting, turning green, budding out, and more. What a February.  I have been on a time out from bird watching and column writing. Texas and basketball are two things I have been busy with.

Since my return, I have continued to feed the birds, and one in particular, a Red-headed Woodpecker. He comes to the feeder, takes one seed, and off he goes.  He does this for long periods of time. I just discovered what he does when he is not at the feeder. The two bluebird houses that I have in my yard have been overhauled. The entrance holes are now twice as large as they were, thanks to my red-headed woodpecker. I was cleaning up the yard and taking down some winter decorations when I noticed this. Unfortunately, I will have to remove those two houses and get new ones.  You can install protective rings around the entrance holes for this purpose, but my houses do not come with that and I have had no problem on any of my houses in the past 15 years until now.

Many people have been having Cardinals, juncos, and several other birds still at their feeders… mine not so much.  Sparrows, grackles, and my ornery Red-headed woodpecker. Just think in about 45 days, guess who… our little ruby-throats will be back. Hasn’t the time flown by? May 1 will soon be here.

Your bluebird scouts should be checking out the houses and will soon be nesting.  Keep your eyes and ears open as you will be seeing that hint of blue and hearing that awesome sound.

Until next time, good bird watching!