The winner of the 1946 Cessna 140 airplane raffle is Paul Polete from Murphysboro, IL. The raffle drawing was held on Friday evening, November 16th in conjunction with a ham and bean/vegetable soup supper, hosted by the Pheasant Airplane Committee from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Memphis Fire Station. The drawing was held at 7:00 p.m. and Rick Fischer did the drawing.

There were 974 raffle tickets in the tumbler, helping raise more than $40,000 for the building fund for the proposed structure to house the historic pheasant aircraft.

Initially a total of 25 tickets were drawn out as finalists, and then the winning ticket was selected from those 25 finalists.

Of the other 24 tickets that were left, several local people’s names were drawn including:

Bobby Bradley, Baring; T.J. Mathews, Arbela; Bob’s Auto Repair, Memphis; Tom Owings, Memphis; Jeremy Hamlin, Memphis, John Garnett, Bloomfield, IA; Stan Prather, Memphis; LeAlan Fox, Baring; Sara Jo Phillips, Memphis; and Jeff Johnson, Memphis.

Other finalists were John Pagel Estate, Kewanne, WI; John Maher, Wesley Chapel, FL; Andrew G. Watkins, Greenville, SC; Eugene Vogel, Hedrick, IA; Les Shumaker, La Plata;  Phil Winn, Perkasie, PA Richard Webber, St. Louis, MO John Smith, Clark, MO; Scott Anderson, East Troy, WI; Curtis Casement, Collinsville, OK; Craig Comstock, Unionville, MO Dean Hunziker, Kahoka, MO Jimmy McPhail, McKinney, TX; and Scott Burbank, Ft. Dodge, IA.

Paul Polete had his lucky ticket drawn from among the 25 finalists to win the Cessna 140. Polete is a private pilot, and former air traffic controller and now owns a small business in Murphysboro. He is in the process of making arrangements to fly up to the Memphis Airport and claim his prize. He was very surprised and excited to have been the winner.

The committee expressed its gratitude for everyone who supported the fundraiser and bought raffle tickets to support the building project.