On August 4, 2019 the Wyaconda Antique Tractor Pull honored the memory of Roy Davis by presenting his family with a plaque for his participation and promotion of the sport of tractor pulling. Roy passed away at the age of 62. He was a lifelong carpenter, sportsman and tractor puller. He was a son, father, brother, uncle and a friend to all. John Steele, promoter presented a plaque to Carl Davis, brother of Roy; Carol Ahlemeyer, sister of Roy; and his nephew, Steve Ahlemeyer. Also pictured are Lacey Ahlemeyer, Mark Ahlemeyer.

Results of the 2019 Wyaconda Tractor Pull

Antique 4mph

3250# class – 1st Carl Davis, Fairmont

3500# class – 1st Doug Folker, Revere; 2nd Jason Steele, Wyaconda; 3rd Jean Durant, Newton, IA

4000# class – 1st Jason Steele, Wyaconda; 2nd Doug Folker, Revere; 3rd Brad Stanton, Princeton, IA

4500# class – 1st Chris Klien, St. Genevieve; 2nd Brad Stanton, Princeton, IA; 3rd Macy Wolk, St. Genevieve

5000# class – 1st Chris Klein, St. Genevieve; 2nd Kenny Kollmeyer, Farmington; 3rd Macy Wolk, St. Genevieve

5500# class – 1st Larry Caspall, Macomb, IL; 2nd Ed Colvin, Wyaconda; 3rd Bill Stock, Virginia, IL

6000# class – 1st Wes Greenfield, Birmingham, IA; 2nd Richie Vogt, Birmingham, IA; 3rd Bill Stock, Virginia, IL

6500# class – 1st Bill Stock, Virginia, IL; 2nd Danny Graham, Luray; 3rd Miles Cameron, Luray

MO Classic No speed limit

4000# class – 1st Jason Wolk, St. Genevieve; 2nd Brad Stanton, Princeton, IA; 3rd Chris Klein, St. Genevieve

4500# class – 1st Jody Barber, Oskaloosa, IA; 2nd Chris Klein, St. Genevieve; 3rd Kenny Kollmeyer, Farmington

5500# class – 1st Jody Barber, Oskaloosa, IA; 2nd Larry Caspall, Macomb, IL; 3rd Kenny Kollmeyer, Farmington

Classic Mod

5500# class – 1st Jim Ruffcorn, Luray; 2rd Joey Irwin, Luray; 3rd Cody Webster, Wyaconda

Farm 4mph

3500# class – 1st Dr. Larry Wiggins, Memphis; 2nd Miles Cameron, Luray; 3rd Luke Brown, Revere

4000# class – 1st Miles Cameron, Luray; 2nd Matthew Klein, St. Genevieve; 3rd Shane Durham, Arbela

4500# class – 1st Shane Durham, Arbela; 2nd Ethan Martin, Farmington, IA; 3rd John Steele, Wyaconda

5000# class – 1st Ethan Martin, Farmington, IA; 2nd Joe Birky, Pekin, IL; 3rd Marc Colvin, Wyaconda

5500# class – 1st Drew Appleget, Oskaloosa, IA; 2nd    Sidney Hood, Industry, IL; 3rd Danny Graham, Luray

6000# class – 1st Danny Graham, Luray; 2nd Sidney Hood, Industry, IL; 3rd Drew Appleget, Oskaloosa, IA

Several regulars at the Wyaconda Tractor Pull were recognized for their recent performances at the Missouri State Fair. Trophy winners included Doug Folker, Revere 5th place; Jennifer Folker, Revere 1st place; Luke Brown, Revere 2nd place; Jean Durant, Newton, IA 3rd place; Dennis Perry, Wyaconda 1st place; Jackson Steele, Wyaconda 1st place; and Jason Steele, Wyaconda 2nd place.

6500# class – 1st Richard Courtney, Kahoka; 2nd Danny Graham, Luray; 3rd Sidney Hood, Industry, IL

7000# class – 1st Jody Barber, Oskaloosa, IA; 2nd Ron Black, Memphis; 3rd Kyler Thacker, Oakville, IA

Farm 6mph

7500# class – 1st Jim McQuoid, Memphis; 2nd Ron Black, Memphis; 3rd Andrew Humes, Wyaconda

8500# class – 1st Matt Stroud, Farmington; 2nd Ron Black, Memphis; 3rd Andrew Humes, Wyaconda

9000# class – 1st Matt Stroud, Farmington

10,000# class – 1st Shelby Chandler, Cameron, IL; 2nd David Wiggins, Memphis

11,000# class – 1st Courtney Chandler, Cameron, IL; 2nd Shelby Chandler, Cameron, IL; 3rd David Wiggins, Memphis

12,000# class – 1st Courtney Chandler, Cameron, IL; 2nd Shelby Chandler, Cameron, IL; 3rd Jay Cameron, Kahoka

13,000# class – 1st Courtney Chandler, Cameron, IL; 2nd Deanne Tapen, Hawk Point; 3rd Jay Cameron, Kahoka

14,000# class – 1st Deanne Tapen, Hawk Point; 2nd Jay Cameron, Kahoka; 3rd Clint Briscoe, Williamstown

Farm No speed Limit

9500# class – 1st David Wiggins, Memphis; 2nd Shelby Chandler, Cameron, IL; 3rd Matt Stroud, Farmington

12,500# class – 1st Ethan Screin, Jamestown; 2nd Courtney Chandler, Cameron, IL; 3rd Clint Briscoe, Williamstown

The event was sponsored in part by Peoples Bank of Wyaconda, Holton’s Welding, J’s Foods, Phillips Farm of Kahoka II LLC, Oberholtzer Plumbing, Donna Graham, State Farm Ins. Brent Fohey           , Outback Hairshack, M & O Concrete,  D & J Pulling Team, Paul Insurance LLC, Humes Farms LLC, Jason Brown Automotive,  Darlene Graham, Helena, Richard & Betty Courtney, Walker Motors, St. Clair Trucking, FCS Financial – Miles Cameron, Mayberry Farms, Green Valley Seed LLC, Schmitz Spraying Service, Main Street Graphix, Holton’s Tire Repair, Steve’s Family Dining, RPM Truck Accessories, John Parker, Cantril Feed & Grain, Frazier Seed, The Farm Shop, Scotland County Livestock, Primrose Realty, Wiss & Wiss, Shelter Ins. Tim Bertram, Gas & More, Trump Trucks, Kahoka State Bank, Brown Automotive, TNT Truckin’, Vigen Memorial Home, Clark Mutual Ins., Meinhardt Ins., Exchange Bank of NEMO, Kahoka Motors, Ott’s, McAfee Auction Service, Colors Unlimited, Duer’s, American Family Ins. K. Daniel, Kahoka Veterinary, Scott’s Feed, Brock Auto Repair, Prairieland FS, Big Bri’s, Clark County Pharmacy, Pinnacle Propane Co., Wood Builders, Community Bank of Memphis, Wilson Funeral Home, Collectors Corner, Bank of Monticello, Memphis Auto Parts, MFA – Kahoka, Payne Funeral Chapel, Rose Hardware, Memphis Lumber, Kay Eggleston Bookkeeping, Dr. Harlo Donelson, MFA – Memphis, Countryside Flowers, Cooks Mens Store, Harrison Ins., Fred’s Wreck Colliison & Repair, Dr. Lynne Barbour, Hinds Realty, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Off Road Tire, Chem – Gro, AJ’s bar & Grill, Lewis Co. REC, Grubby’s, Farm & Home – Memphis, Martin’s Garage, Parson Pipe Co., Lacey’s Family Dining, IMI Equipment, Ayer Co., Kahoka Quik Lube, Pickin’ Shed, Casey’s, Mac’s Super Saver, MFA -Oil Company, C & R, Scotland County Lanes, Tri-State Welding, U.S. Bank, Scotland County Pharmacy, Catfish Place, and Hopkins Lumber.

Organizers also praised the efforts of all the volunteers that helped with track preparation, flagging and hooking tractors to the sled. Randy and Debbie Lipper along with their family were recognized for providing the food with the proceeds going to the Blattner Cemetery northeast of Wyaconda.