The word seems kinda conditional.  If things go the way we had “hoped” then hope seems to live.  If not; then there wasn’t any “hope”.

Truthfully, there is always hope.  If what we had wished doesn’t come about as we had planned, there is ample reason to believe there is a plan B.  Again, as long as matters go right, then we feel hope is legit.

It’s when tragedy and heartbreak arise that hopelessness seems to abrasively pound.  And this is where God is in the lead.  He knows how to take darkness and make light.  He can turn a flooding sea into an aisle for His children to cross.  He can even take a once depressing grave and empty it for future passersby to marvel.

If there’s one gigantic joy that I find in knowing God, it is His constant message of hope.

He vows that regardless of struggles, hope will be there…. Rom. 5:1-5

He makes a YES out of every NO…. I Cor. 1:18-20

Love hopes all things….I Cor. 13:7

Everyone has reason to hope.  God isn’t a puppeted magician expected to dance to our emotional fancies.  No.  He is a serious God that knows how to perfectly turn defeat into victory.   He is the best lemonade maker of lemons… ever!

We can count on Him all of the time.  Even His Son died.  That event, in itself, was to display His promise to us of reason to hope. With every moment that strains to pull us down into a giving up mode, we can be sure that God has a response… that will really bless us.