From experience, my own personal, I’m learning that the vast majority of us live within the confines of operating from an imposed pseudo sort of life. By that, I believe that we are trying to maneuver our walk via the demands of hesitancy, uncertainty, and self-doubt.

For those of us who may note this about ourselves, our first accusation–in self-defense–is to blame another(s). Blame is the password to remain stuck. Maybe, just maybe, we should become unglued.

The element required to coming unglued is faith; a belief system that what isn’t yet can become reality. When one becomes unglued (unstuck), relief occurs. New opportunities, new attitudes, and new traits of productivity become ours. No longer glued to restrictive decision patterns, we are able to advance into realms of success that, at one point, could have only been dreamed.

And, that’s the point. If we would dare become unglued it is very likely that we will experience the joy of what far too many only dream. Might it be your time, your turn, to rebel against your own decision-making processes which confine; even restrict? Might it be due you to make a daring break from those invisible chains which reside only in your mind anyway?

When others want explanation as to why you seem to be a new person, just tell them that you finally gave in and become wonderfully “unglued”!