Dear Editor,

One among us again stated that we were falling behind in fulfilling the final request made by our dear Saviour.  Quote The Coin Lady; “We really are of the opinion at our house, that serving and taking Communion are so holy and precious, and actually fulfilling to our well being, it IS even more necessary than hearing a sermon and probably the very MOST important reason for gathering together.”  Quote the Loud One; Yeah!  It is recorded in the Scriptures of the King James version of God’s Holy Bible, that HIS Holy Spirit will be right there with us where two or more are gathered together in HIS Name, and we take that to mean in HIS HONOR.”  Another quote; “We believe that, but we’re not meaning to downgrade preachers.  MORE LIKE THE PREACHER GIVING MORE THOUGHT TO PRESIDING OVER SPIRIT PRESENCE in terms of US knowing OUR ONE-ON-ONE VERY PERSONAL SAVIOUR, who is NOT out there like a ‘pie in the sky’ or something else unreachable!  And we still need to explain the reason for and the great need to actually take it all very seriously.”  Another quote; “Amen to that!  Once we have recognized the mind of Christ in us instead of Satan’s thoughts that we MIGHT believe is actually us thinking, and accept it as truth and absolute, and learn to be still and to KNOW BEYOND DOUBT that we are absolutely inanimate objects except FOR having the Mind of Christ.  ABSOLUTE IS THE FACT THAT WE ARE AS INANIMATE AS THE COMPUTERS OF TODAY UNTIL SOMEONE PUTS SOME KNOWLEDGE INTO IT AND PUSHES THE CORRECT KEYS.  Ever since Adam’s downfall, it has been Satan better known as SELF to God, and until we accept that knowledge as fact, and the truth that finally, our Creator was compelled to immaculately conceive HIMSELF unto a virgin in order to bring HIS OWN HOLY SPIRIT VIA HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON TO A WORLD OF MISGUIDED, SELF-INDULGENT PERSONS WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THERE IS NO GOD AND THEY CAN FUNCTION PERFECTLY WITHOUT HIM!”

Believe us when we share with you the stunned emotion we all felt as each word of truth sunk into our worldly oriented minds and emotions!  We were struck mute, unable to move a muscle much less to say one word.  We just sat there silent and let her outburst sink in until comprehension finally overcame our dumbed, mute brains.  She stood there and waited, until the Quiet One finally broke the electric silence, quote; “How long have you known this Truth?”  “He transmitted that Key to His Kingdom to me this afternoon while I mixed cornbread for my supper.  It stunned me so; I could hardly continue to stand, so I sat down and let it penetrate my entire being.  Psalm 139 by David passed through my mind, stanza 14 – quote King David; “I will praise Thee, for I know I AM fearfully and wonderfully made, and THAT I know RIGHT WELL!”

Our inspiring thought; quote The Quiet One; “We have but once to die, after that is Eternity.”   Another quote; “And God don’t intend for ANYBODY to get in to His Heaven on Earth who is carrying a grudge, not even if it is justified.  We are told by Jesus to mentally lay the problem at the foot of His Cross of Crucifixion and LEAVE IT THERE FOR OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN TO solve!  Our IMAGINATION is a tricky asset, OR a stumbling block, our choice.  Give much thought to each, for this Life on Earth is a tricky talent for us to use either for good, or evil!”  MANKIND HAS MADE IT TRICKY AND FULL OF FUMBLES AND STUMBLES AND EVIL. We are learning rapidly, what is happening with our loved ones beyond the veil between Life and Death of the body.  Much of it is heartwarming TO US but difficult for them, like the old proverb of ‘eating crow’.  We who remain have to endure yet, like cleaning up the emotional mess we leave behind.

Love and Blessings from ALL THE OLD TIMERS, with Bette