The news media the last few weeks has been full of the nasty conditions some of the children trying to cross our southern border are being kept in. Many of us are sickened to hear of these reports. All of us, except the natives, are immigrants and/or descended from immigrants and we were welcomed to this country – except, of course, the African slaves. My mind can’t help but wonder back to what if my Mennonite forbears from Russia were trying to immigrate now – instead of back in the 1870s? Or if they were trying to immigrate from Mexico rather than Russia? Would I be one of the kids in the iron barred cages on the border?

We, the USA, often call out other countries for lack of humanitarian conditions/treatments  – and now we are doing the same/similar? How can we do this? My mind wanders back to the Nazi period: sorry, we didn’t know it was happening, we were just living our lives…  I am living my comfy life in Memphis MO ; how can I,  when I know – when I know??

I prefer to write and think of happy stuff – I have not found a happy spin on this one yet.

Sincerely, Stan Hildebrand, Memphis.