America’s spiritual fiber is suffering.  It isn’t a matter of the pro or con of church attendance.  Neither is it due to a lack of Bible promoters and quoters.  No, our struggle for relief in this smothering religiosity of ours is that we have failed to find the Truth.

Now… before the religious want to gather ’round that word–Truth–and begin to charge toward all neighbors, might we pause a moment?  Truth isn’t just quoting nor is it just knowing scriptures.  It isn’t about one being well-versed.  America is full of such dynamics; yet remains quite sluggish in our effectivity to make any impact along the way.

What will seriously turn America back to God?  It isn’t what I would have ever assumed in my younger years.  I believe the answer is to be found within an experiential brokenness known as the humility-factor.  Communities have grown cold to our obnoxious strutting of, “We’ve got life figured out.  Why don’t you?”  Of course the bigger problem is, that for many like myself, we glare in our faith rather than shine.

I’m finding that our own good news resides within a zone that I would never have guessed way back when.  Our secret isn’t in how much Bible we know, how many converts we gather, nor how many mission trips we take.  No… our impact is buried within the raw fact that we are each the greater sinner of any other neighbor… churched or un.

Consider Romans 7:24, “Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?” This apostolic world leader for God and His Kingdom knew a thing or two.  Foremost was his truthful awareness of how much he wasn’t.  Paul knew what it was that made himself effectively tick.  He was wretched.  Odd, don’t you think?

“WRETCHED: Deeply afflicted, miserable, despicable, dejected, distressed, poor in quality or ability, inferior, contemptible.”  Yes!  This rare servant of God was amazing because he fundamentally knew two prominent factors: (1) God is the power and the hope, and (2) Paul was riddled with weakness and unimpressive ability.  Astonishing Truth.

What will turn America back to God… seriously?  When we refrain from parading our withering accomplishments and admit that without the Spirit of Jesus we are sunk, a new Christian attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving will begin to permeate society at large.  We are not the know-it-alls about Truth that many of us wish to promote.

No, we are worthy of God’s rejection if it weren’t that He practices His own call for mercy and forgiveness.  God’s call that we take up our crosses and follow His Son is a far cry from our coming out looking good or getting our own impressive way as we seem to so strongly desire.