You may have noticed that many of my articles are for those who are not yet sure what they think about God.  And… I think it is confusing as to what and how one should believe.

For one, it is difficult to try to read God through church behavior.  How often are we in the churches either boring, judgmental, or fighting?  These aren’t good and neither are they of God.  Too, for the seeker, it is not easy to understand the Bible once we try to read it.  I had a heart that wanted to know; but understanding the Word of God gets confusing in places.

While it might be true that some are a part of a church because they regard themselves as holier-than-Thou, this isn’t the case with most.  We are the church because we are a mess without Him.  We can’t fix things.  We can’t make life work.  We have nothing together unless God puts it/us together.

Therefore, don’t judge the judgers.  Both will fall into the ditch.

Regarding the Bible, I find it takes time to get a grasp.  A problem all churches experience is to be unopened to the Word due to replacement of traditions.  This has killed off Bible teachings.  No one church escapes this most natural threat.

No one is to be more confident in the Spirit than believers.  These are to see the “yes” in life everywhere they turn.  And our goal isn’t first to go to heaven; but to experience heaven on earth now.

May we assist one another in understanding this awesome God whose very existence is beyond understanding.