Despite each posting 6-2 marks, and Scotland County holding the head-to-head advantage with a 38-21 over then #1 ranked Westran, the Hornets remain atop the Class 1 District 6 seedings heading into the final week of the season.

Westran holds a 40.98 to 39.18 advantage in the complex Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) largely in part due to the modifier given when schools play up a level or more. Westran played class 2 Carrollton in week 2. Scotland County has not played up all season. So those 10 bonus points Westran received, will result in an extra 1.1 points in the final district seeding score.

The Hornets also hold a slight advantage over SCR-I in margin of victory. SCR-I lost to Marceline and Fayette by 30 points each. The maximum point spread allowed in the district scoring system is + or – 13. So Scotland County was -13 in both its losses and has been +13 in all its wins. Westran was -13 against SCR-I, but only lost to Marceline by  a final score of 14-12, for a -2 district score adjustment. The Hornets also had a +5 victory versus Fayette. In the end, over the eight games played, Westran has a 6.88 margin of victory, compared to 6.5 for SCR-I, for a 0.38 point advantage in the district point standings.

Westran will take on Paris (2-6) in its regular season finale while SCR-I will travel to Louisiana (2-5). A win by the Hornets will secure the #1 seed.

Mark Twain sits in the #3 seed, a full 5.8 points behind the Tigers. However, they will get an extra boost in the regular season finale, taking on Class 3 Wright City (2-6). Mark Twain has already played up against class 2 competition six times. Tacking on the 20 bonus points by playing up two levels in the finale, will add 2.4 points to Mark Twain’s total district score, which will gain a total of 8.9 points overall for playing up so often.

While that alone won’t be enough to boost Mark Twain past SCR-I, it will put the pressure on the Tigers to take care of business in Louisiana. An SCR-I loss, combined with a Mark Twain victory, theoretically could flip flop the two in the final district seedings.

Fourth through sixth seeds South Shelby, Louisiana and Knox County all are within striking distance of each other and could see their seeds change. The Cardinals take on Highland (1-7), while Knox County has its work cut out for it against Fayette (7-1). Louisiana could throw a wrench in everything with a win over SCR-I.

Schuyler sits in the #7 spot but has a favorable matchup versus Salisbury (1-7) while #8 Paris closes out the regular season with the likelihood of having to play Westran back-to-back, in the regular season finale and then again in the first round of the playoffs as the 8 vs. 1 seed.