Weather is the topic of conversation that we hear so much about. Here in Texas, the weather has been on a tail spin all month. It has been really cold, some days hot and humid, others rainy, and some windy. Mother Nature is having emotional problems this year. So much change and variables.  I’m sure the wintering birds are not sure what to do.  I know I don’t.

I have heard some say it is going to be a warm spring, and we have to have plenty of moisture between the rain and the severe snow and ice.  March is here and the thought of bluebirds comes to mind.  I am anxious to see that first Robin of spring, and get a glimpse of green grass.  I am planning and I want to reiterate planning to plant some new shrubs this year that are more attractive to birds and hummingbirds.  Don’t you miss those little guys.  I love watching and feeding them. 

Have you done anything to prepare for the bluebirds? Get those houses cleaned out and prepare them for predators. I am also praying that my Purple Martins return. They were robbed last year by the raccoons. I was devastated as I love to watch and listen to them.  They would return to the area, but they would never land on the house after that incident.  I may have to get a new house. I am not sure which route to go. 

I know all of you are looking forward to spring.  I know I sure am. Hopefully it won’t be like last year, and snow in April and get scalding hot in May.  Until next time, good birdwatching.