Curbing our tongues is a command often used when someone is using words which are harsh…including cursing. Such caution is warranted that we be careful as to what expressions we choose when found to be in quite stressful situations. Yet, there’s more to it.

God is consistent in His call to us that we watch the words we use. According to Him, words can give life…or take it away. While we may conscientiously refrain from using “dirty” words, we must be equally aware that our sentences and phrases either give others hope…or rob them of it.

This is a profound power–word power–that God has, Jesus exemplified, and we are the recipients of the responsibility to watch our tongues. Words more than matter. They create. That’s how God brought our world into existence.

You dear (and often unassuming of your chatter influence) friend wield incredible power. Such isn’t due to your political persuasion nor your bankroll. It is located directly behind your teeth. Your tongue is the igniter to your every day. Regardless of our day’s events, life goes according to how we choose to speak about it.

Regardless of how you are treated, use your tongue with wisdom and care. Speaking creates. Don’t you get it? Our days are never measured by what does or doesn’t happen to us. No, they are weighed by how we choose to speak because words create the mindset.

Watch your language. Speak a new world into existence… right where you reside… moment by moment.