The voter booths in Scotland County were empty most of the day April 3rd as just 13.5% of registered voters turned out to cast their ballot on the municipal and county issues.

With very few contested races on the ballot, less than 15 percent of registered voters in Scotland County bothered to turn out for the April 3rd election.

In the City of Memphis, voters shot down  Proposition 1, that would have amended the city ordinances so that the office of City Marshal no longer be elected, and instead empowering the city council to hire a Chief of Police. The issue failed by a 131 to 95 margin.

Current City Marshal Bill Holland was re-elected with 175 votes. He was unopposed and will serve a  four-year term for the office.

The three other city officials seeking reelection were also unopposed on the ballot. Mayor William Reckenberg received 165 votes while East Ward Alderman Tom Glass received 90 votes and West Ward Alderman Chris Feeney received 76 votes.

There were just two county-wide issues on the ballot.

Voters elected three members to the Scotland County Health Department governing board from among four candidates. Patty Freburg was elected with 309 votes and will be joined by Cindy Justice who received 279 votes and Dee Wiley who received 220 votes. Robert Parrish received 131 votes.

Voters in District #4 of the Scotland County Ambulance Board elected Frank Wineinger to the post. He received 56 votes to defeat Nancy Kapfer who received 42 votes.

In the Village of Rutledge, five candidates were vying for three spots on the board of trustees.  Voters tabbed Barbara Moore, Lewis Powell and Dale Haldeman with 16, 14,  and 10 votes respectively. Garrett Heck and Laveta Comstock garnered four votes each.

Voters in the Village of Arbela elected Dennis Giberson and Gordon Wiley to the Board of Trustees with four votes each. A third post was decided by write-in votes with Dee Wiley receiving four votes.

That was the case in Granger and Gorin where there were no candidates on the ballot.

Voters wrote in Jason Tague on two ballots in Granger. There was a tie for the second board seat with Devin Holt, Shane Shannan, Jessica Spray, Sheila Moseley and Veanna Hutchinson each receiving one vote.

In Gorin, voters wrote in Andrea Davis on two ballots for West Ward Alderman. Billy Davis and Charles Adams each received on vote. In the East Ward, Frank Nicholson received two write-in votes.