The Scotland County Antique Fair Car Show was held Saturday, August 25, 2018 following the parade on the Memphis City Square. Many people returned from previous years as well as first time exhibitors in 2018, including the People’s Choice Award winner. Ballots were counted as quickly as possible to get the participants back to their homes and out of the heat. This particular day was one of the hottest and most humid in many years.

Winners are as follows:

People’s choice: 1955 Chevrolet BelAir owned by Kenney Ball

People’s choice: 1955 Chevrolet BelAir owned by Kenney Ball

Mayor’s choice; 1970 Torino Cobra owned by John and Kris Shaffer

All makes and models 1900-1939 cars: 3rd place-1931 Chev. Sport Coupe owned by Ricki Gooden; 2nd place – 1923 Wills St. Clair owned by David Hausgen; 1st place – 1932 Ford 5 coupe owned by Roto Hastings

All makes and models 1940-1959 cars: 3rd place-1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria owned by Ron Terrell; 2nd place – 1955 Ford Sunliner owned by Norm Stupinsky; 1st place – 1955 Chevy BelAir Convertible owned by Gary and Judy Harris

All makes and models 1960-1969 cars: 3rd place -1965 Plymouth Satellite; 2nd place – 1968 Pontiac Firebird convertible owned by Duane and Sandy Arnold; 1st place – 1968 Plymouth Satellite owned by Kari McCoy

All makes and models 1970-1979 cars: 3rd place – 1978 Ford Granada owned by Robert Owings; 2nd place – 1971 Plymouth Duster owned by Keith Manyx; 1st place – 1972 Chevy Nova owned by Alan Hufford

All makes and models 1980-1995 cars: 1st place -1987 Monte Carlo Aero Coupe owned by Rod Pickens

All makes and models 1996 and newer cars: 3rd place – 2015 Mustang owned by Jesse and Mary Young; 2nd place – 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 owned by Bob and Liz Hickenbottom; 1st place – 2009 Dodge Challenger owned by Matt Head

All Thunderbirds: 3rd place – 1993 Super Coupe owned by John Buckman; 2nd place – 1979 T-Bird owned by John and Pat Lee; 1st place – 1959 T-Bird owned by Jeanie Davis (in Memory of Dan Duryee)

All Corvettes 1973 & older – 1st place – 1959 Corvette owned by Boyd and Jeanie Bissell (in Memory of Travis)

All Corvettes 1974 and newer: 3rd place – 1975 Corvette owned by Ron Kirkpatrick; 2nd place – 1975 Corvette owned by Marlyn Copeland; 1st place – 2007 Corvette owned by Bill Hennke

All Chevelles: 3rd place – 1972 Chevelle owned by Brent Bourgeois; 2nd place -1969 Chevelle owned by P.T. Woods; 1st place – 1967 Chevelle owned by Carl and Nancy Kapfer

All Camaros: 3rd place -2017 ZL1 owned by Richard Cooper; 2nd place – 1981 Camaro owned by Chad Slocum; 1st place – 1967 Camaro owned by Kent Calvert

All Mustangs 1973 & older: 1st place – 1969 Mustang owned by Dennis Carbocci

All Mustangs 1974 & newer: 3rd place – 2012 Mustang GT owned by Yancy and Tebble Stearns 2nd place – 2014 Mustang owned by Lathan Sayre; 1st place – 2009 Mustang Roush 427R owned by Donnie Martin

Original Factory Muscle thru 1972: 1st 1972 Dodge Challenger owned by Brandon Garr

Rods to 1949: 3rd place -1936 Dodge Pickup owned by Lonnie Allison; 2nd place – 1923 Ford T Bucket owned by Max Curry; 1st place – 1941 Plymouth Coupe owned by Chuck Reedy

Street Machines 1950 & newer: 3rd place – 1977 Chevy CIO owned by Rodney Dufur; 2nd place-1971 Monte Carlo owned by Bnan Finch; 1st place – 1955 Chevrolet BelAir owned by Kenney Ball

All trucks 1939 & older: 1st place – 1939 Ford owned by Robert (Dynamite) Ownings

All trucks 1940-1972: 3rd place – 1964 Chevy ClO owned by Rann Robinson; 2nd’ place – 1966 Chevy CIO owned by Paul Shultz; 1st place – 1941 Plymouth Pickup owned by Chuck Reedy

Rat Rods: 2nd place – 1941 Chevy Truck owned by John Noe; 1st place – 1931 International owned by Daniel Robbins

Mini Trucks: 3rd place -1993 Ford Festiva pickup owned by Mark Mich; 2nd place – 1977 Chevy SlO owned by Shane Courtney; 1st place – 1966 Chevy El Camino owned by Randy and Kim Rockhold

Motorcycles, all Harley Davidson: 3rd’ place – old handmade hand built; 2nd place 2009 Heritage owned by Marlin Oberholtzer; 1st place – 2016 Breakout owned by Mike & Kathy Stone (in memory of Harley Stone)

Motorcycles, all others: 3rd place – 2008 Victory Vegas owned by Kevin Harvey; 2nd place – 2016 Victory Magnum XL owned by Jon Rader; 1st place -1974 Honda XL 100 owned by Marty Shepard

All 4 wheel drives: 1st place – 1975 Jeep CS owned by Keith Archer

All Torinos: 3rd place -1970 Torino GT owned by Warren Douglas; 2nd place -1970 Torino Cobra 429 owned by Sam Saffell; 1st place – 1970 Torino Cobra owned by John & Kris Shaffer

Competition: 2nd place -1966 Chevy Corvair owned by Randy Thomas; 1st place -1992 Mustang owned by Ray Mendenhall