How has your week been so far? The last week of school for 2016-17. Hard to believe that this year is already over. Lots of graduations and parties to attend. This past week has been a busy one here on the trails – mowing, planting, checking the bird houses, doing garden work and some landscaping. The weather has also warmed up a bit, which keeps things growing well.

I had one house of baby blues compromised this last week. Four healthy little ones, taken by a varmint in the night. I have nine little ones left to fledge. I hope they make it ok.

I had the privilege of hosting a group of gardeners from Van Buren Co. Iowa on Monday. They had also been to the home of Sandy Stone, near Wyaconda, as well. We discussed bird nests, identifying them and knowing a bluebird nest as opposed to a sparrow nest. I had some trick tree swallows on duty to show the ladies how they will catch a feather.

I also have many baby robins that have left the nest. There is one in particular that stays right under the bedroom window. He hops around waiting for mom to return with that big juicy worm. Fun to watch.

I’m having troubles with the house sparrows enjoying the grape jelly that I place out for the Orioles. They will not leave it alone.  I am slowly getting several hummingbirds also. They have been slow this spring.

My purple martins have arrived. My house has literally taken a beating from storms and winds, but I managed to get it put back together for one more year.  They are busy building their nests. I so enjoy their song and their personality – very personable bird for sure.  They are among my favorite.

I hope you are enjoying your springtime birds and feeding those hummingbirds as well.  Until next time, good birdwatching.