I know this topic may sound elemental… because it is. There is a matter embedded within all of us that requires focus; deliberate exercisilational concentration. Everyone deals with some significant stress of being afraid of other people. There are not exceptions.

I was this person. Fear increased because I devoted my mental energy to calculating just how I could go about making everyone on my path like me.

I. Just. Could. Not. Get. It. Done.

Such consistent failure set me back and shut me down. I was friendly to everyone (I hoped); but still received consistent rejection signals on any given day. With God’s help–and I really mean–with God’s help, I learned to reverse my lack of confidence regardless of rejectionary messages I received from many along the way.

What we can do about being intimidated by others: 
1. Know that all are worth loving… each one matters.
2. Know that all have also wrestled with your identical fear.

The take-away from this is singular: we are all precisely alike in some form or fashion. That’s why we see Jesus reaching to all while, simultaneously, correcting the social and religious critics. These latter didn’t understand something about themselves… they are just like the very ones of whom they criticized.

I needed this factor for, as a grown man, I was tricked and deceived by my own mind to assume that I was of little value. When all turned around, my value had not increased. No, I learned that the entire world struggles with the same infractions as did I.

Such a move isn’t designed to bring others down in order to build self up. No. No. The move is the very example and call of Jesus. We are to surrender our assumptions of our own worthiness in order to lean into His. He shares…with all…who will believe it.

To get to the point that no one intimidates us is never to be because we self-talked, self-helped ourselves into effectivilitional confidence. Believe me I tried… for years. To get there is the reverse; we humble ourselves in front of God and others…and then He steps in to demonstrate His very interaction with any of us who are willing to first step aside.

A host of people need your helpful and encouraging voice. They, however, don’t need your know-it-all, have-it-all, input. What will help most is to watch you speak by faith from your own inadequacy. Your confidence in the Living God will motivate them to possibly look beyond their own inner frustrations and failures.

God can supply success. We have no such ability on our own. Our work is to believe in Him…when we can’t possibly explain how, why, when, nor where such productivity will come about. Thank. You. God.

Try not to be afraid nor intimidated by others. We are all just alike. When we believe this, the world around us begins to open up with elaborate potential as to just how we might personally assist in helping others have a better day.

Everyone needs others. You are on the “others” list. You matter. That’s all.