Thank you Stan, for telling us how you feel about our current and proposed treatment of immigrants coming to America. I too am appalled that a country made up almost entirely of immigrants is allowing such actions. I say “our treatment” because, in this country, our silence is us agreeing with the actions of our current government.

Does “We are all created equal” end at our border? I think not. In my opinion, a representation system that most agree is crooked was allowed to shoehorn this president into power. A majority of us voted against Mr. Trump for president. This same majority I feel agrees with me on immigration. Enough ‘no’s can ease our border tension and, who knows, maybe even work on the reasons people feel the need to leave their homeland. We don’t have to wait for an election year. We can make this happen now with contacts to our representatives. 

Mr. Trump does not need to complete his four years. His phrase “make America great again” is a flippant manipulation of words by a man whose main strength comes through his flippant manipulation of words. At the very least, shouldn’t our president have respect for the entire human race? America has been and continues to be great; not by the person in the oval office, but by the ideals and values of its immigrants. The president, I feel, should be trying to implement the needs and values of the majority that voted for him/her, not a “good old boys” club with a hidden agenda that slipped him in between the cracks. The popular vote alone should decide who will be elected. 

If this stirred you, contact me. I’m in the phone book.

J. P. Friendshuh