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Take out your abacus, pull of your shoes and socks or grab whatever other math aid you need, it’s time to layout the local district football playoffs.

The regular season came to a close on Friday night, setting the stage for the opening round of Missouri high school football district playoffs. The Class 1 District 5 bracket is set with Knox County earning the top seed. The Eagles earned the top rank, closing out the year with an eight game winning streak and claiming the Tri-Rivers Conference championship.

Team seeds are based on an intricate points system tabulated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). Each victory is worth 20 points, with a loss counting for 10 points or an overtime loss earning 15 points.

Each time a team plays up, versus bigger schools in higher divisions (example a Class 1 team playing a Class 2 squad) they earn a 10 point bonus, per class. There is no penalty for playing down.

Teams are also rewarded for strength of schedule, earning points based on the win/loss record of each team they played.

Finally, points are earned based on the margin of victory, with a point for point reward up to 13 for margin of victory, or a point for point subtraction up to 13 points for margin of defeat.

Ultimately these numbers are all tabulated, and divided by the total number of games played.

When the smoke cleared on the calculator tabulations, Knox County had the top score in District 5 with 42.89 points, which was reflected with the top record as well.

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Paris edged Scotland County for the #2 seed with a score of 33.78 to Scotland County’s 32.54. Both teams finished the regular season with 5-4 marks. While SCR-I played up versus Class 2 Clark County to earn 10 bonus points, Paris had a tougher strength ofg schedule, losing to undefeated Mark Twain and 8-1 teams in Knox County and Marceline. They also held the advantage on point margin, with a pair of close loses, while all four of the Tigers defeats were -13 points.

Due to strength of schedule a pair of 3-6 teams leapfrogged over Milan (5-4) in the district bracket and earned the right to play each other. South Shelby, on the strength of playing mostly Class 2 opponents in the Clarence Cannon Conference, earned the fourth seed with 32.47 points, narrowly missing #3 spot. The Cardinals will host #5 seed Schuyler County. The Rams (24.55 points) moved ahead of Milan (31.88 points) based on a head-to-head 20-6 victory over the Wildcats.

Putnam County (2-7) earned the #7 spot with 19.77 points and will travel to Paris while North Shelby (1-8) will have to go to Knox County based on the 19.13 points accumulated in the bracket tabulations.

Scotland County will host Milan on Friday night in Memphis with a 7 p.m. kickoff team. The Tigers bested the Wildcats 28-12 in Milan back in Week #6 of the regular season.