Tiebreaker Knocks SCR-I Out of State Scholar Bowl Semifinals

Scotland County advanced to the elite eight in Class 2 state scholar bowl play but was unable to advance into the semifinals, falling out of the final four courtesy of a tiebreaker during the state championship round held May 4th on the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Scotland County defeated Linn 240-130 in the team’s opening round match at 10 a.m. The Tigers fell to Richland in Round 2 by a final score of 460-190. SCR-I then lost the third and final game of the opening round-robin format to West Platte by a score of 280-160.

Richland claimed the top seed, going 3-0 in the preliminary play while averaging 430 points per contest. That was the tiebreaker, as Barstow was also 3-0, but averaged 426.67  points a contest, relegating it to the #2 seed.

College Heights Christian was the lone school to go 2-1, locking up the third seed.

Scotland County was among four teams tied with a 1-2 record, vying for the fourth and final spot in the semifinals. West latte ultimately advanced by virtue of the tiebreaker, posting the highest scoring total in the three games (860). Scotland County amassed 590 points, while Twin Rivers had 770 points and Fordland had 820 points. Linn went 0-3 in the morning round.

Barstow went on to best College Heights 360-290 and then upset Richland in the finals by a score of 340-270 to claim the state championship.