I read the article by Dave Burrus and thought he was talking about Scotland County. Mr. High implied he was responding to the Burrus article. I think he tried to present the Mennonite religion and views.

Having lived in Scotland County for almost seven decades, I know the Mennonites living here now have no idea what Mother Nature and 16-18% interest did to the residents of Scotland County.

What if we didn’t have electricity, rural water, USDA programs for crops, low interest for beginning farmers, crop insurance, and cost share for many other agriculture enterprises? The United States of America (government) was involved in the creation and funding of all these programs and they benefit the residents of Scotland County. Mr. High, do the Mennonites of Scotland County use any of these government programs and what happened to the non-lavish lifestyle with all black cars without any chrome shining? My information and questions may be bias, but they are only food for thought. I believe in God and I’m thankful for Jesus Christ for taking my sins. I will salute the flag, pledge allegiance to the United States of America, and attempt to sing the national anthem.


George Simmons

DBA Those who never left.