The Sun Is Shining… Always

Creation was one of God’s best weeks!

I was thinking about Him and His system driving to work in the dark.

Soon the sun will be shining.  Even when overcast, we know by faith the sun is shining.  More, even at midnight we are sure by faith the sun is not dimmed.  For our eyes?  Yes, momentarily.  For our understanding?  The sun is always.

So it is for our perspective of the Son.  He is always shining.  Our dim eyes and dark days could be used against us to invite the guest of doubt.  But why should we ever?  Just as we definitely know the sun is shining from the very center of any midnight hour, we can be just as certain the Son is shining… every moment.

May we never flinch in doubt.  Regardless of dark discouragement, wait for the Son to rise.  All darkness is destined to evaporate.

The Son shines.

That is what our hearts need to know.