We must break this sleeping narcotic of religious egotism which competes as to who is the better understander of God’s will and way.  This is a we thing; not only a they, not just a you, but a definite me as well.  Unnecessary division reigns supreme and we must reverse this trend.

There is a teaching by Jesus of two men praying.  One was so very thankful that he wasn’t like the other.  We live repeating his mistaken standard.  I hear it coming from the most devoted-to-God mouths day by day.  My grave mistake would be to assume that I’m not in the guilty-as-charged mix.

Being the most right (doing church correctly) was the constant theme of the Pharisees…the rejected-by-Jesus Pharisees.  Yet, somehow we have transferred their formation over to ours; yet pronounced it wisdom from above…. just as did they.

Are we to be weak losers? Yes. Really? Doesn’t God teach that power is perfected in weakness? Didn’t He stand firm that those who are last will be first? We refuse to buy into this insightful trek.  And why? Because it makes us look like…. we are weak… and that we are losers.

Oh, so Jesus must have given us mistaken directions? Remember, Jesus won the world because he lost. He was resurrected because he first died. He offers cleansing of the hearts of mankind because he absorbed our sins.

The “I’m more right than you are right” is religious poison…. that we all seem to drink with great delight and pride.